Dominique Lauvernier – My profile

My PhD degree at EPHE- PSL (Paris, 2018) is a study of scenic spaces at Court of France after archives and remains. I am currently engaged in a postdoctoral dissertation at the same school, HISTARA team, “Architectural Records and Descriptions by Renaissance Travellers in India”, Domingo Pais’ travel to Hampi and João de Castro’s study of Mumbai caves.

I am qualified for a position in a French University by CNU section 22 (History of Arts) since 2019, currently looking for a job.

My researches focus mainly on history of performing arts and spaces and new ways of studying sources, as database, virtual reality.

I am training in bharata natyam (Pandallanur style, Tarikavalli Paris- Lisbon) and Odissi (Mahina Khanum, Paris).

Contact dominique.lauvernier@wanadoo.fr