I am artist Gokulam Vijay  from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. India. My age is 40. I have studied BFA in Karnataka Open University [2014] . I started my art carrier in the year of 1999. At present  I am working as a  Drawing teacher at Chinmaya mission schools and Architech College. Before I worked as a daily labour in Cotton mills.


           When my age was 10, I have seen and  impressed very much on Hand made Cinema banner art works  and beautiful sign board  art works. My inner heart decided and I wanted to become a very good figurative artist. So  I have learnt  signboard art works from beautiful boards and banners , After intruducing  Digital print media I have  changed my focus to  oil colour paintings, Acrilic on canvas and  Water colour medium. As I am very much impressed in Oil colour paintings  I started my quest  on around world wide with diffrent kinds of paintings, brush strokes and Great masters art work and their history.  I love Realism based works. In the  Year of 2008 I discoverd the great Ironian artist Mr. Imanmaleki sir. He is one of the best realistic artist in world wide. I loved his painting very much. After seeing his painting  I have created  my concepts about our traditional people’s happiest life . He has  given important suggestion about drawing and paintings to me. I took practice very seriously and I folowed his words truly . In that period my monthly salary was Rs. 7000/- only. Though I have lot of struggles in my  life, inbetween I bought  DSLR  Camera and I have romed diffrent places for taking photos about our traditional based festivals and peoples. Then I have created my concepts for my paintings  through my own photographs refrence , direct outdoor study and own composing creative skills.  My first own realistic painting name was called PARASAKTHI which was  about  normal builder’s child who was sitting on the cement tub. This painting has created a lot of recognization  from people side and media side. Then I have decided my path for journy of Art. Here after my every paintings will tell you the  importance of our Tamil Tradition and peopel’s happiness. Resently I have done Madurai lord Kallalgar temple painting.  It’s size was 8feet length and 5feet height. With lot of dedication I made this painting and it took 1.5 years to make this painting. For this painting  very huge responses have come from all the sides.  


      Our Indian traditional people’s , places, peoples expressions, temples and daily routine life based concepts are my main subjects. 

First one painting tittel is Madurai Kallagar swamy temple. Oil colur on canvas. Size 96 x 60 inchs.

Durration 1.5 years.

Second one painting tittle is Paraium Bakthium. Oil colour on canvas . size 66 x 48 inch. Durration 3 months.

Achivements ;

 Best performence teachers award (2015) from Chinmaya mission schools.

Special  jury  award for World Art Day 2019 for making Madurai kallalagar temple painting. From  Artrendz Art Gallery. Coimbatore.How you need you can crop the photos.

Thank you very much.

Gokulam Vijay.

PARASAKTHI. Oil painting on canvas.